Clubbing is not really my thing – especially since I travel alone. But I had heard that this one salsa club in Havana was really worth it. And, after all, what’s Havana without Salsa.
Whilst Convertible Peso restaurants can be quite expensive at the top end for rather mediocre food some such as the Café de Oriente have splendid ambiance. The average government run restaurants are about US$20 for two. Peso stalls are all over the city, particulary on Prado Marti.
Palacio de Los Capitanes Generales
The courtyard in the Palacio de Los Capitanes Generales is breathtaking and transports you to a more royal state of affairs. The architectural detail work merges with the greenery to result in a very calming effect. This is hands down my favorite courtyard in Old Havana.
Plaza de la Catedral in Havana, Cuba
This is by all means the most popular plaza of all four in Old Havana, with the center piece being the Catedral de San Cristóbal. The rustic charm is unmatched by no other in the city.
What Havana Looks Like on Any Given Day
La Habana, the capital of Cuba, is like no other city in this world.


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