Stanley Park is one of the world’s best urban parks located a stones throw from downtown Vancouver.


Here are YourTrip's six favourite stops along the seawall and why you should hop off the bike for a few minutes and take them in:

There are so many amazing things to do on the water in Canada, including kayaking, scuba diving and whale watching.

This incredible country is home to some of the most fun aquatic activities, and here are my top tips for enjoying life off land:

The top of Mont Tremblant was cold when I was standing there.


As I was there for snowboarding!

The dangers these headwalls pose cannot be underestimated.

Someone once told me that if a ski resort was to be built in Fernie today, the headwalls [which make up this section of the Lizard Range in south-eastern British Columbia] would be one of the last places they would choose.

20 Incredible Things to add to Your Bucket List

Have you created a bucket list yet?

Dogsledding in Haliburton, Ontario

Did you know that dogsledding is one of the oldest forms of transportati

I'm heading to Montreal in Canada!

It's just around 6 hours by plane from Europe, which makes it closer than a drive to the Alps for me, living in Cologne (Germany).

You deserve a vacation!

It is not just a sentiment it’s a fact, and if you are like most people the intention to get away is there but you aren’t sure if it fits in your budget.


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