St. Hyacinthe, Quebec is a quaint hidden gem of "relaxation and things to do" that will provide a lifetime of good memories centered around the great outdoors.
Charlottetown is located on Prince Edward Island which is one of the smallest provinces in Canada. It is set in the Atlantic Ocean close to Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.    Finding Anne of Green Gables
The top of Mont Tremblant was cold when I was standing there. Perfect! As I was there for snowboarding!
The Detroit, Michigan skyline in the United States from across the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Several scenic shots of Detroit can be captured along the Windsor riverfront including from several parks and gardens.  
Southern Ontario Aerial Drone Tour
Southern Ontario provides amazing nature and epic national parks.
Cape Spear in Newfoundland - Where Canada Meets the Atlantic
Two lighthouses watch over Cape Spear in Newfoundland, Canadas most easterly poi

East Canada

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