Tired of the same old mundane Spring Break beach vacation? You know what we’re talking about – lay out all day, go out for dinner… rinse, repeat. Sound familiar?
If you are cruising to the Caribbean in 2013 or 2014, you may be having trouble distinguishing each region and their ports-of-call.
Top 5 Things To Do in the British Virgin Islands
Teri travels to the British Virgin Islands to explore the top things to do inclu
The Utopia Known as Virgin Gorda
While the island itself is beyond dramatic, the most remarkable feature is the electric blue ocea

Fееlіng strеssеd аnd nееd а brеаk, but саn't аffоrd а luхurу sра rеtrеаt? Dоn't wоrrу - а саmріng trір соuld bе јust whаt thе dосtоr оrdеrеd.

British Virgin Islands

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