JetSetting Divas recently went to Belize to celebrate Joy’s birthday and here are some helpful tips if you are planning to visit the island!
Everyone knows that looking for hotel (or rental) accomodations can be exhausting -- what area will you stay in? What is a good price range? What amenities are important to you?
“Butts Up! Butts Up!” yelled a park ranger in a neon green t-shirt. Unfortunately, being in the front of our group, his warning came too late for me. My butt slammed into the large rock just beneath the surface of the water.
On the way to Hol Chan Marine Reserve, our tour guide feeds friggate birds from the back of the boat.   Travel photography shared by
Diving in the Great Blue Hole in Belize
One of the best dive spot in the world is definitely The Great Blue Hole in Belize.

At times throughout our travels, my husband has chided me for my lack of follow-through, my tendency to give in at the first set-back.


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