About half an hour south of Belmopan, along the Hummingbird Highway, you can find  the St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park.
Tobacco Caye is a tiny island off the coast of Belize, popular with budget travelers. Hammocks, novels, group meals and a healthy dose of snorkeling are likely to fill your day, on one of the few islands that won't break the bank in a country that normally excels at doing so.
“Butts Up! Butts Up!” yelled a park ranger in a neon green t-shirt. Unfortunately, being in the front of our group, his warning came too late for me. My butt slammed into the large rock just beneath the surface of the water.
Children play in the waterfalls of Rio-On Pools in western Belize's Mountain Pine Ridge area.   Travel photography shared by timecrunchedwww.thetimecrunchedtraveler.com

At times throughout our travels, my husband has chided me for my lack of follow-through, my tendency to give in at the first set-back.

Centre Belize

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