There are far more activities you can do in a winter destination like Austria, than “just” skiing/snowboarding down the tracks. Most people book their winter holiday with the aim to snowboard or ski and to explore the dozens of kilometers of different tracks.
The capital city of Cyprus is much different than any other city in the world and certainly deserves it’s own blog recommendations about what to expect while visiting. Nicosia is a hard destination to explain without actually being there in person to experience it.
Bari Gothica area of Barcelona is amazing a labyrinthine of street and alleys. Bari Gothica is a maze of streets and alleys with may of which open up into small squares.
Raging torrents, glacier laden mountains, sky diving, snow boarding and rafting......... A two hour train ride from the UNESCO heritage site of Bergen. Packed with Fjordland scenery, endless descents through mountain tunnels and magnificent cascading waterfalls. 
Discovering Berlin on a Nice Winter Day
Recently Greg took a weekend trip to Berlin, Germany and wanted to put together a short vid highl
8 Intense Days in Sweden
In the beginning of April, I went to see my friend Alexandre who now lives in Stockholm. 8 days i

What's wrong with the weather this winter?

I live 330 meters above sea level and usually we get a bit of snow at our place or close by (800m) within a 2 hours drive.

We had snow, but that was in October and then I was NOT prepared to enjoy it!

It’s important (and easy) to travel around England when studying abroad in London.


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