Whether you’re a beach bum, culture vulture or simply livin’ la vida loca, Barcelona is the ultimate destination for a weekend in the sun!

My weekend trip included canyoning, mountain biking/downhill and a high rope forest park. I was looking forward to all three activities, but the high rope park was actually the one standing out a bit more than the others.


Haunted Forest

The very first episode of season one of Game of Thrones was shot in Tollymore Forest (the Haunted Forest), where the Starks discover the Direwolves, and where the White Walkers began their march into the realm of men.

Where Theon Greyjoy was baptized

Remember when Theon Greyjoy made is (not so) triumphant return to Pyke in the Iron Islands in Game of Thrones? He sailed up with his men and walked up the very steps pictured here in Ballintoy Harbour, an incredibly picturesque filming location along the coast in Northern Ireland.

Lovely Days in Santorini

Finally I went diving again. This time on Santorini Island in Greece!

Top 5 Things To Do in Ghent

From historical architecture to street art, medieval paintings to food, here are the Top 5 Things

3 days packed of Tirolean fun... I do hope I'm fit for it. I'm for sure look forward to it!

Paris, the capital of France is often known as the city of love, filled with beautiful architecture, interesting museums and cozy cafes. 


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