With more than 18 different cool and vibrant areas to choose from, a creative cocktail, wine and microbrewery scene, clubs and bars that stay open till the morning light, and many hipster spots around and about, just know one thing about Athens:
Roque Nublo rock stands right in the centre of Gran Canaria and you can see it from all over the highlands. 
A drive along Athens stunning coastline leads to the gorgeous bluffs and southern areas of Cape Sounion and the ancient temple of Poseidon. A fantastic ancient temple with amazing views of the southern tip of Greece.
The Ionian Islands in Greece are a good spot for sailing. The winds are not very strong, making it a good spot for beginners and starting a sailing course.
How To Avoid Travel Sickness: Video Tips
We've all been there, being sick on the road is no fun and it's a sure fire way to ruin a trip.
Activities in Sintra, Portugal
Sintra is great for walking but also for many other activities, such as surfing,

It’s important (and easy) to travel around England when studying abroad in London.

When you think of Serbia in Europe, what comes to your mind?

That it's a travel destination?

Probably not and I'm sure you would have listed other countries first, you would like to explore.


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