Ranked among the most beautiful villages of France, Gerberoy owes its reputation for different reason.

First of all, the village’s borders with the region of “Oise” and “Normandy” have seen most of the French Kings.

Although the number of pickpockets in New York City dropped to less than 5,000 at the turn of the century, pickpockets remain a pesky problem for travelers in other countries.

Papas Beach, Ios, Greece

Seclusion is what makes this beach so LuxurIOS.

Papas Beach is a beautiful cove off of the common tourist tracks of the Ios island life. Sit down, sprawl out and enjoying nothing but the beautiful sounds of nature - the waves, the breeze, and the birds. 

If you travel to Slovenia, a visit to the Postojna Cave is a must.

The cave is really a fantastic web of naturally made tunnels, passages, galleries and caverns. The astonishing diversity of Karst features has made it the best-known cave in the world.

Welcome to 'Life On Ios' - Greek Island Paradise

The first video from the #LifeOnIos project, discovering the other side of life on the Greek isla

Spectacular Beaches on Ios Island

Spectacular beaches in Ios, Greece

When you think of Serbia in Europe, what comes to your mind?

That it's a travel destination?

Probably not and I'm sure you would have listed other countries first, you would like to explore.

3 days packed of Tirolean fun... I do hope I'm fit for it. I'm for sure look forward to it!


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