Since Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, it should come as no surprise that the Catalan capital hosts a plethora of festivals and events year round.
Spring in Barcelona is no exception.

To begin, on your first day, walk across the Chain Bridge to get your bearings of the Buda and Pest sides of the Danube.

Nature is the main feature here: either you want to get closer to it or you are a landscape photographer.

I had never thought of winter surfing, but when the opportunity knocked, I couldn’t refuse such an amazing experience. What made it even crazier was surfing in the cold waters of Wales.

Maglie, Puglia: Italian Food Festival Mercatino del Gusto

Italian food festival Mercatino del Gusto is held in Maglie in Puglia each year.

Beautiful Scotland

Over the past 8 or so months I've travelled around Scotland usually getting up at offensively ear

One hour away from the city of Zurich, you shall find Lucerne, one of the most beautifully pictursque Swiss towns. 

When I'm traveling, my trip should get as awesome as possible. I guess yours as well, right?
How do you achieve this? Usually budgets are limited or the time is! Everyone got a different opinion what “awesome” or “epic” means.


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