While Paris might be known as the city of love, London is not far off from offering some romantic spots to spend with your loved one.
It’s so important to find quality time to spend with your girlfriends and London has to be one of the ultimate destinations to choose for a top girly weekend break.
The Ty Coch in was recently voted the worlds 3rd best beach bars. Its located in Wales, I had to see for myself how this was possible.
Nature is the main feature here: either you want to get closer to it or you are a landscape photographer.
Exploring Scotland's East Coast
Some of our favorite highlights from an impromptu trip to Scotland's East coast.

Blewcoat School is a "secret" place that is not known to many.

Today it is a small boutique that goes in line with the recent trend and is definitely a place worth visiting.

With beautiful cultural and historical monuments strewn all over the city, the journey at times seems overwhelming for someone visiting the city, especially for the first time. The city has so much to offer that it is essential to know where to begin for a first time visitor.

United Kingdom

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