The great outdoors is a wonderful place to explore and with the multiplicity of things to do in the impressive Northumberland countryside of the U.K., it’s well worth staying around longer than just one
The Scottish city of Edinburgh boasts a growing cosmopolitan reputation, with luxury developments across the city, making it an attractive plac
It might be difficult to believe, but this photograph was taken in England: Honister Pass in the English Lake District to be precise. There are a few ways of getting up to this spectacularly scenic point.  
One of the most naturally stunning areas of Scotland, it's one of my favourite spots!  
24 Hours in Belfast: First Hand Sights
Join me, as I venture to Belfast to Challenge myself. Challenge myself?

You've never heard of #Blogmanay?

Have you heard of Hogmanay?

When I first discovered that the thistle was a national emblem of Scotland, I thought 'what a shame'.

North United Kingdom

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