While Paris might be known as the city of love, London is not far off from offering some romantic spots to spend with your loved one.
It’s so important to find quality time to spend with your girlfriends and London has to be one of the ultimate destinations to choose for a top girly weekend break.
Home to the Royals, London's Buckingham Palace is a top site. If you're there around 11:00 am, be prepared for the masses and the changing of the guard.  At other times of the day, it's a more relaxed experience.  
Also known as Camden Town, the Camden Market is one of London's Top 3 places to be visited by tourists.
What To Do With One Week in England
Through the hills of Cornwall and the streets of London, this is a one week look into our adventu
The Royal Family: A Tap into the British Obsession
Sonia Gil taps into the British obsession over the Royal Family!

Given that children are by nature quite active and do not seem to rest at all, the monotony of a train journey can be a challenge at your end. However, your travel need not necessarily be a hassle if you plan ahead and consider some fun activities to engage your kids.

Blewcoat School is a "secret" place that is not known to many.

Today it is a small boutique that goes in line with the recent trend and is definitely a place worth visiting.


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