When researching a trip to Stockholm, all the guides and websites tell you to ferry out to the MANY islands of the Stockholm archipelago, but information on which island to go to, how to get there and where to stay can be scarce to say the least.
Möja is an island in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden. Möja is one of the most popular islands in the archipelago for travellers and boaters, and is also significant in size.  
This Christmas (2011) was spent at my aunt and uncles in Djurmo, Sweden. A row of little red houses and nothing else but snow, forests and lakes. It was bliss.
8 Intense Days in Sweden
In the beginning of April, I went to see my friend Alexandre who now lives in Stockholm. 8 days i
The Abba City Walk in Stockholm
This is a travel tip about the Abba City Walk in Stockholm.

I’ve always had a thing for Scandinavia. Mighty pine forests; glacial lakes; roaming elks; northern lights and a healthy dose of Stieg Larrson, had all assimilated in my mind to create an enchanting land of handsome people and stylish knitwear.


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