Girona happens to be an impressively well-located region where white mountain peaks of the Pyrenees get to meet with the crunchy beaches of the Costa Brava in a delightful mix of rural landscape, traditions, language and cultur
As part of an awesome winter week in Pyrenees, I was able to enjoy several ski spots, but most of all and in the very first place: I learned how to ski! And Girona was the lucky destination who saw me get up there for the first time. 
I visited the Costa Brava in Spain to attend a couple of music festivals. One of my favorite ones had this amazing view and atmosphere!  
During my visit to Bilbao in Spain, I decided to go on a walk on the nearest coast with a local.
Aragon tu Reino - Zaragoza Teruel Albarracín Monasterio de Piedra
Viaje por la comunidad de Aragón en España, Visitando; Zaragoza, Teruel, Albarracín y el Monaster
Costa Brava Gardens and Beaches
Brian Cox was on a day trip to see some of best gardens and beaches the region Costa Brav

The 8th of April 2014, I began a journey that was going to be more than 800 kilometers long.

A historic pilgrimage and voyage across the Northern Spain and on a path that has been walked by millions for thousands of years.

While in Barcelona I had the opportunity to attend the F1 race at the Circut de Catalunya.

Being an American, I honestly don't know much about the F1 races but with stands filled to the brim, it was easy to see the people there were passionate about their race cars.

North Spain

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