"Offer for today!!! Take 3 and pay 2!!! Hurry up, we won't be here tomorrow!!!!"   A vendor shouting while showing the items to the public. This is the atmosphere you will find on a Sunday morning at the most relevant flea market in Madrid.   
Madrid is a city fueled by coffee and cañas that never sleeps and never stops eating. 
The Malasaña District is one of the greatest areas to live or stay during a vacation in Madrid.  
Toledo - Spain - The ancient city. You can get there by train. It only takes half an hour from Madrid. The architect was blended by Rome and Moor.  
6 nights in Madrid
6 nights in Madrid w

On the train to Madrid, I decided I would stay there for a little while. I had never been there before and, actually, I was only going for a job interview. So, I guess I had already started my solo adventure although I had no idea.


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