Norway is famous for the natural beauty and resources it possesses.
You are tired of exploring run-of -the-mill beaches every year. You also want to get rid of casino addiction to save your hard-earned bucks.
Raging torrents, glacier laden mountains, sky diving, snow boarding and rafting......... A two hour train ride from the UNESCO heritage site of Bergen. Packed with Fjordland scenery, endless descents through mountain tunnels and magnificent cascading waterfalls. 
The coldest, but the most full of life country I've ever been to, Norway has, besides the great stories about it's viking ancestors, some of the greatest views in the world.
The Aurora - Northern Lights at Kirkenes and Pas National Park, Norway
TSOPhotography spent a week capturing one of the biggest aurora borealis shows in recent years.
Norwegian sunrise - Spectacular mountain peaks in the Sunnmøre region
The sun rises as we fly over some of the most spectacular mountain peaks in the Sunnmøre region i

It's about 8 am and it's still pitch black out .

Its quiet and cold, - 6 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact.


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