Yes, it is a busy place... Yes, you must do a walk... Yes, it is very touristic... Yes, it is still worth a visit!
There is a great variety of bars, night clubs, concert venues etc. in Bergen. Night clubs are usually open from 11 pm, but life never starts before 1 am. Bars opens at different hours, some can be open all day.
Raging torrents, glacier laden mountains, sky diving, snow boarding and rafting......... A two hour train ride from the UNESCO heritage site of Bergen. Packed with Fjordland scenery, endless descents through mountain tunnels and magnificent cascading waterfalls. 
A colorful piece of street art in Bergen, western Norway.   Travel Photo shared by

It's about 8 am and it's still pitch black out .

Its quiet and cold, - 6 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact.

South Norway

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