The Inquisitor's Palace isn't as scary as it sounds - at least, not these days.
Getting ready for a sailing trip? I mean: Who wouldn’t want to sail some turquoise waters on a yacht for a week, right?
This sunrise at Malta's southernmost point, was the most beautiful one I have yet to see! Below water and above, the small island country is full of unexpected beauty at every turn.
The glamorous Palazzo Parisio in Malta.
Our Malta & Gozo Week
Our week in Gozo, Malta, a family travel blog experience across the maltese islands sleeping in a
The Wild Maltese Carnival
Welcome to our Second Episode of Wicked and Weird Around the World!  

Tonight you managed to actually rest. It's been your third sleep onboard already and no swinging, repetitive noise or ambient moist can prevent you from sleeping anymore. You could actually have done it without last night's couple of beers. Success. 


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