As a traveler, it's generally not advisable to carry excess cash around and is better to make use of a credit or debit card when possible. However, there can be some issues that pop up with credit and debit cards too.   
Italy is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. With its limitless beauty and renowned cuisine, it's to leave a lasting impression on you.
The Alps are an awesome winter destination and there are many regions where it's worth going to. I actually love "driving" to the Alps, though it is a long drive from Cologne with around 8-10 hours.
Every religious festival in Puglia is decorated with arches, galleries, cupolas made of white and coloured lights.
Warm Liguria - The Mirror of the Living
"Warm Liguria" - film made in Italy during project Digital Diary Liguria
Climbing my first Via Ferrata in South Tyrol, the Italian Dolomites
Heather tries climbing her first Via Ferrata and it's a lot more challenging than she expected!

So once I decided that I need to go to Europe. I've been living in USA since I was born. I'm from Twinsburg, Ohio, so I spent my childhood there. Then I went to the University of Virginia, because my boyfriend was studying and living there, so the next few years we were hanging out there.

Have you ever attended a Formula 1 race? It's loud!

Very loud!


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