Rome is a fantastic city and is probably on everyone’s itinerary who visits Italy or Europe for the first time. The city is full of historical sights, big and popular ones, but also countless more.
Christmas in Rome is a very special season.  We've list a few fantastic ideas of what to do for those who will be in Rome for Christmas.
vatican image
I decided among many Vatican tours, one of the afternoons I was there. I began to discover the beauty of the Sistine Chapel so and then continue to discover Rome.
There are so many places to admire around the Eternal City.  But you don't just need to look up to find history and beauty in Rome, some of the cathedrals and sites have incredibly beautiful floors!

I went to Italy, scene of ancient battles, gladiators and perverted pleasures – so delightfully reproduced in movies and TV series (if you think “Rome”, there sure is a lot of reproduction going on) – four days after the 4-0 defeat of the Italian football team by the Spaniards (remember, Russell


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