Venice is one of the most known Italian cities, so maybe many people may think that Venice cannot have any secret... But this is not true!
If I say Lombardia, what comes to your mind? Chances are you may not have even heard of this Italian region - even though this is where Milan, Italy's second largest city, is located.
The Alps are an awesome winter destination and there are many regions where it's worth going to. I actually love "driving" to the Alps, though it is a long drive from Cologne with around 8-10 hours.
The colourful buildings of Burano, Italy
If you're visiting Venice, be sure not to miss Burano! Filled with square-shaped, rainbow-coloured houses, this tiny island has got to be the happiest place in Europe, if not in the world!
Warm Liguria - The Mirror of the Living
"Warm Liguria" - film made in Italy during project Digital Diary Liguria
Climbing my first Via Ferrata in South Tyrol, the Italian Dolomites
Heather tries climbing her first Via Ferrata and it's a lot more challenging than she expected!

Have you ever attended a Formula 1 race? It's loud!

Very loud!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my travels, it’s this:  

Holidays should never be hard work!

It’s a mantra that’s served me well, and I repeat it whenever I need to solve a travel dilemma.

North Italy

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