Tuscany is the spot we all dream of. Fields of sunflowers stretching to the extent the eye can see, olive forests and vineyards covering each road corner make Tuscany's farmland a photo worth painting.
The 30 or so miles that make up Italy’s Amalfi Coast have been a magnet for discerning travellers since Roman times.
When I wanted to take the train from Bagnoli to Napoli Centre I was send to this train. At first I thought this one was just standing there.., But no, it was in full use and a couple of minutes later I got on board!
If you want to do a good mountain walk and want to have no problems with unmarked pathes then climb Monte Vettore 2476m and start from Forca di Presta 1536 m. The path is used by a considerable number of walkers and obvious.
Another Side of Italy: Hiking in Emilia Romagna
Italy has more to offer than just espresso and wine!
Feel Free Ferrara in Italy
This is a metaphoric story about being free.

This is the longest time I've stayed abroad in one specific destination for a looooong time!

And I'm looking forward to it!

Centre Italy

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