Ferrari is not just a brand, it is also a symbol that inspires a large number of Italians (and the whole globe); many are fascinated by its story.  
Casetta Drouot in Marciana, Elba Island, represents an intimate view into Napoleon’s life.
When I wanted to take the train from Bagnoli to Napoli Centre I was send to this train. At first I thought this one was just standing there.., But no, it was in full use and a couple of minutes later I got on board!
This is a window, which I found in Santarcangelo and it's a hidden gem! OK, not the window is a hidden gem, but properly Santarcangelo! That's at least my guess that not too many travelers know about it.
Feel Free Ferrara in Italy
This is a metaphoric story about being free.
How to Cook Mussels in Volcanic Sand
Did you ever happen to get hold of "Cozze Cotte in Sabbia Bollente" italian for

This is the longest time I've stayed abroad in one specific destination for a looooong time!

And I'm looking forward to it!

Centre Italy

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