In his poem 'Lorelei' from 1824, the world famous German poet Heinrich Heine has found perfect words to describe the romantic path along one of Europe’s longest rivers: the Rhine.  
Müngstener Brücke and Schloss Burg are good places to visit if you are staying in Cologne or Düsseldorf.
Visiting Heidelberg for half a day Heidelberg was always high on our list of places to see. You see we love castle’s and the castle at Heidelberg always looks amazing. It’s located sitting perched up on the hill guarding the town below.
Hard trekking in Germany   Travel photography shared by Travel
Celebrating Karneval in Germany: Bucket List
Welcome to the Dusseldorf Karneval where beer and costumes take precendence over working.
The Capital of Art for 100 days - Documenta 13 in Kassel
For the next 100 days kassel in the middle of germany is the capital of art, because the world's

West Germany

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