First time travelers to Germany usually visit the bigger and beautiful cities like Berlin, Cologne, Munich
Leipzig, a long-lived city, has joined the league of thousand year old German cities such as Trier, Worms, Cologne and Magdeburg.
Torgau and the “Spirit of the Elbe”.
This trip through Germany was full of stunning photo locations.
Frauenkirche Dresden
Frauenkirche - The most iconic church of Dresden features observation deck. It's 67 m high and it provides with breathtaking views. On a clear day, one can see the whole city and also far beyond. 
Erzgebirge Saxony and an Ore Mountains Travel Experience in Germany
In this video we head out to a lesser known region of
The Ore Mountains of Germany and Erzgebirge Vlog 2
In this video we continue the adventure through Erzgebirge (say that ten times f

East Germany

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