With beautiful turquoise lakes to high mountain glaciers within an hour of each other and a Mediterranean influenced, alpine climate, the Southern French Alps has the perfect topography and weather to be a multi-activity paradise.  
“One should always be drunk, that’s all that matters... But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk” – Charles Baudelaire
Èze is the most charming hillside village you will ever see-let alone dream about. This tiny marvel, tucked away between Nice and Monaco, is filled with endless, fairy tale like character.  
If anyone's been to the Pyrenean summit immortalised by the annual route taken with the Tour de France, then you might be met by some Llamas who stray from nearby pastures to check out the hikers and cyclists who traverse the summit.
Travel France: Swimming under Roman Ruins in France
Sonia Gil takes you to the amazing Pont Du Gard in France.

Backpack strapped on and ready to move, I marched onward and outward of the Youth Hostel, away from comfort; a comfort, to be fair, that had held me back, that had repressed my inner flame for too long.

Our adventure started in France, we were so excited.

Our first road trip planned, our first adventure together. It happened so quickly; it was at the beginning of last summer.

South France

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