Burgundy, in East France, is often just passed through on your way to somewhere else.
Starting around November, something strange happens to people. They begin to look for changes in the weather, and some even hope for colder winds and snow. For those who love the whirling wintry gusts, winter holiday destinations are best when filled with powdery snow.
Up high in the mountains of Grenoble, France, there was a picture waiting for me, waiting to be taken. Among the touristy rush of the Teleferique du Grenoble (on the upper point), but from a very unique angle, I found the perfect spot...
Fog in the valley of Savoureuse (Territoire de Belfort; eastern France) at sunset, seen from the summit of the Ballon d'Alsace.  

France is not always Paris, that s for sure. Paris has quite a haughty sense of self-importance, still you can't help but love it....


East France

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