The North of Finland is a true fairytale land.  Even if you've already visited the residence of Santa Claus, tried the local cuisine, and ridden dogs or reindeer, this region will
One of the things we all love to do is get out and enjoy the outdoors. Who doesn’t love to get out and immerse themselves in an outdoor experience? One of the things many of us love to do is go camping!
It's not just the Argentinans who love to tango. The Finnish have their own version of the melancholic, sultry dance and its music.
Finland In Winter
There are many, many things to do in the Finnish winter.
Take a Ride on the Only Icebreaker Cruise in the World
The Sampo Icebreaker cruise is the only icebreaker tourism excursion in the world.

There is nothing like the Finnish Wilderness in winter!

If there is sound it is the gentle whoomp as snow from laden branches lands softly in the powdery snow covering the mosses and lichens beneath the trees.


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