For the majority of well-trodden travelers, Austria may not seem like a particularly exotic country.
Spring is now upon us and as winter draws to an end this doesn't mean it's the end of the ski season in Europe. Many resorts remain open until much later into the season. 
The Salzkammergut area, popularly known as Salzburg Lake District, with a total of 76 lakes, is one of the most impressive regions in the heart of Austria. 
I just had the best Kaiserschmarrn of my life in Tyrol, Austria, here is the recipe!
The Very Best of St. Anton, Austria Explained - Vlog Part I
This is part I of a two part Vlog series about St.
Exploring the Amazing St. Anton, Austria- Vlog Part II
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What's wrong with the weather this winter?

I live 330 meters above sea level and usually we get a bit of snow at our place or close by (800m) within a 2 hours drive.

We had snow, but that was in October and then I was NOT prepared to enjoy it!

The trip was called an „Adventure Trip“. But what would you call an adventure?

An adventure to one, isn't really an adventure for someone else. Was our trip an adventure? It's up to you to decide!

Our two days in Innsbruck were definitely a lot of fun!

West Austria

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