Heading to Burma's former capital and unsure where to begin? Here are a few ideas to get you started... 1. Head to the Shwedagon Pagoda
It’s never a bad idea to try and properly set your expectations before boarding that plane to wherever. The key word being properly. And scouring the internet does a great job of this, as there are countless articles out there detailing the most excruciating minutia of travel.
The history of Hutong Beijing dates all the way back to 12th century.
The beautiful Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow I really liked the angle from this spot!
Sri Lanka: The UNESCO Heritage Sites
Sri Lanka is home to eight
Tokyo, Japan: Visiting Ueno Zoo
I recently spent a month in

Belitung is located close to the southern Sumatra.

Top 3 Weekend Getaways from Manali

Travel Dudes have just launched a new range of ebooks starting with the launch of Travel Dudes Bangkok city travel guide ebook. Below is some more information about the new ebook range and how to pick yourself up a copy.


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