When you hear about Dubai from your friends and relatives who have visited the city, all you come across are the giant buildings, huge shopping malls, tallest building in the world, fancy attra
There is more to Dubai than gigantic shopping malls and tall skyscrapers, even though it is home to many of them.
When thinking of Dubai, the tall buildings, beaches and camel treks probably spring to mind before a quintessentially British thought of afternoon tea occurs. However, Dubai is known for 5* standards in food and service - which often come at a price. 
Expect nice smelling herbs, when visiting the souk of Dubai.
Dubai City Tour By Bus
A Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour in Dubai is a great way to get an overview of the city.

Is it that time of the year when it’s time to have your vacation? You need quality time full of fun and excitement. So, you need a place full of enjoyment. There is no better place than Dubai to match that description.

One of the perfect tourist spots in the world is the city of Dubai. As a capital of UAE, the city grows at a rapid pace. It is a career destination and a top vacation destination. A tour package in Dubai will take you to the land of business and unmatched leisure.


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