So it is peak season and you find yourself in Phuket, Thailand. The beaches are packed and all you want is some peace and quiet. Try going to Bon Island!
The bus from Bangkok's Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) to Ban Phe usually takes 3.5 hours, costs 157 baht (as of July 09), and terminates opposite the ferry piers (there's no direct service to Ban Phe from Moh Chit - nearest alternative is to Rayong, from there you can take a songthaew (20 baht) to
This picture was taken at Koh Lan Island off Pattaya City, Thailand. A boat journey for day trippers takes about an hour via the commercial ferry.  
With a helping foot of a monk - Tattooing in Thailand
One of the proudest moments of my travells in Thailand. Getting tattooed by a monk in a temple.

Centre Thailand

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