In the first week of June, Travel Dudes was invited by Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts to attend the 2nd Travel Bloggers Asia Conference and Awards.
Sri Lanka may be just a tiny nation in the Indian Ocean, but Sri Lanka has a lot to offer: white sandy beaches, green hills covered in tea and rice plantations, diverse wildlife and a rich culinary t
One of the most emblematic sights of Sri Lanka is that of stilt fishermen casting their fishing lines while perched on wooden poles and crossbars planted out in the sea.
Some fantastic smiles from the Sri Lankan children. The digital camera with it's instant view screen, always produces a fantastic effect on kids everywhere!  
Sri Lanka: The UNESCO Heritage Sites
Sri Lanka is home to eight
The Best of Sri Lanka
It's hard to say goodbye to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an extraordinary combination of spectacular landscapes, immaculate beaches, eye catching cultural heritage and incredible experiences within such a compact location. This is an island of paranormal proportions, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and Ceylon.

As a lover of the eccentric, fashionable, bizarre and kitsch, I am thrilled to be dining at Helga’s Folly tonight.

Sri Lanka

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