South Korea is not a big country and there are no big mountains or rivers in South Korea. Straight distance from end to end of South Korea is about 450km which is 4~5 hour driving.
1. A Bang For Every Occasion
This is a photograph of the Dong River, which is in Yeongwol and Jeongseon county.   It is the cleanest and one of the most beautiful rivers in South Korea.  The scenery is spectacular so you might want to camp there overnight.
Paragliding on Anmyeondo Island, which is South Korea's sixth biggest island.
25 Things You Must Do In Seoul
Seoul is an amazing place- a thriving city where modernity meets the ancient.
Imjingak Park - Korea's DMZ
The Imjin River serves as the border between South and North Korea near Paju.

In 1960, when South Korea’s GDP was at par with Ethiopia’s, nobody would have guessed a country 1/33rd the size of India would become one of the world’s top 10 economies in less than fifty years.

I went to Gyeongju over the past weekend, which is well known for being a historic city. It has more UNESCO sites than the rest of Korea combined. Most of them are burial mounds. Some were excavated by Sweden, but I’m not sure why.

South Korea

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