Namhae Island’s nick name is ‘Treasure Island’.   ?It’s maybe the more we go there, the more we discover. I found coasteering there, which is a new extreme sport.  
Aside from its palaces and temples, South Korea isn't exactly known for its stunning architecture, with grey blocks and neon lights suffocating the skyline of every town and city.
Inspired by Ciare, I'm sharing my sweatshirts photo!    During my short trip to Geomundo (Geomun island), Korea.
Amazing Jeju Olle Trail Adventure
While in Jeju, Jo and I hiked Jeju Olle trail number 6.
Hike the Famous Jeju Olle!
The Jeju Olle Trail, Olle Gil, or simply the Jeju Olle is an amazing network of trails that compl

I went to Gyeongju over the past weekend, which is well known for being a historic city. It has more UNESCO sites than the rest of Korea combined. Most of them are burial mounds. Some were excavated by Sweden, but I’m not sure why.

South of South Korea

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