When I'm traveling and want a taste of local flavor, I head straight to the supermarket.
Most travelers visit one or two islands and leave the restof the Philippines untouched.
Walking this great ancient old rice terraces is great! What a great historical place!! I walked these terraces for two days, also Banaue and Batad. It gave me a great feeling!
When you are into travelling first you must know the exact origin of the place, its culture, religious aspects, history and the community.
Pamilican Island, Philippines
This gorgeous tropical island, Pamilican Island, is a wonderful place to visit w
Virgin Island, Philippines
Virgin Island is a small island off Bantayan Island in the northern part of Cebu

Baler in the province of Aurora in the Philippines is a surfer's haven because of the gigantic waves coming from the Pacific Ocean.

A trip to the Province of Negros Occidental wouldn't be complete without visiting the long-famous Mambukal Mountain Resort.

Since I was a kid, Mambukal (Mambucal) has been first on the list for the vacation getaway place for the family.


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