Bukidnon Province in the Philippines has a hidden jewel. This spot is off-the-beaten path, in the mountains of the province and is a prized jewel among backpackers who know where to go while visiting the province.
Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan, perhaps the Philippines most beautiful province. Palawan owes its popularity to famous tourist sports like El Nido and the St.
Bukidnon's hidden jewel revealed! This is tuck between mountains in the Southern Philippines and one can come here for a day from Cagayan de Oro (nearest airport from Manila) for only $11!   
It's like swimming in a giant pool. The sand bar of Bais City is a gem waiting to be discovered. I'm glad to be one of the few who did. You can even find dolphins swimming en route to this sand bar.  
Video Guide for Siquijor Island, Philippines
Siquijor Island has to be one of the most under rated tropical islands in the Philippines.  
Finding NEMO in Davao, Philippines
While on a trip to the Philippines, I met up with Jina to go SCUBA diving at Davao's famous Pearl

South Philippines

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