Floating in the Dead Sea is an incredible experience, and you don't have to pay a lot of money staying at a spa resort to take a dip! If you're travelling overland through Jordan take the Dead Sea Highway and stop off somewhere and take a crafty dip for free.*
If you happen to travel to Jordan, why not enrich your holiday with some nature friendly eco-adventure, and stay at the Feynan Eco-lodge right in the heart of Wadi Feynan?
The water of Jordan's Dead Sea contains the highest salt content in the world. It certainly looks heavy enough from here!   Travel photography shared by Flora Bakerfloratheexplorer.com
We went to Jordan and of course, couldn't miss touring the famed desert of Wadi Rum! We booked our expedition through Bedouin Directions and couldn't have had a better time!
Hymn to Jordan
We went on a 10 day road trip with friends and had the feeling having been there once before.
Skydiving over Wadi Rum, Jordan
White. Orange. Blue. Green. Yellow.

Will you be able to explore the whole of Jordan in 7 days? No, not really... but which destination can you?

The last couple of months there were a lot of travel bloggers visiting Jordan. I've read their articles with excitement and loved all those nice pics.


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