Wadi Rum Wadi rum spreads over 74,000- hectares, with a mix of natural and cultural sites, situated in the south of Jordan close to the Saudi Arabian border.
Stay overnight in a Bedouin tent! No, not one of the tourist camps... Go for the real deal, but don't expect any luxury. There won't be any electricity, warm beds, toilets or any other luxury.
We went to Jordan and of course, couldn't miss touring the famed desert of Wadi Rum! We booked our expedition through Bedouin Directions and couldn't have had a better time!
The Arab Tourism Ministers Council has chosen Aqaba as the Arab tourism capital for 2011. Jordan’s sole port city being chosen is going to attract tourist from all over the world and help transform it into a regional centre for tourist-related gatherings and conferences.

In 2009 I had the great pleasure of going on in a tour for the first time to Ghor Al-Mazra’a , a striking area 26 kilometers from the city of Karak.

South Jordan

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