Bandung is accessible by train or bus from Indonesia's capital: Jakarta.
A village and an island , small in size but big in heart, has gone ahead to win the the provincial village competition in West Papua yet again for the year 2015. The village of Arborek has gained an outstanding reputation among both the local authority and international community. 
In the lake of Toba is the island of Samosir.
This little Orang Oetan was climbing up the tree. It was giving us a show :) At some point he put his head over a branch and started to hang on it, giving me this great photo! 
Indonesia's Borobudur Temple: Nestled Deep in the Javanese Jungle
Nestled deep in the Javanese jungle, about an hour away from Jogjakarta is

A friend of mine from Bali visited Yogyakarta and he told me the  first place he wanted to visit is Borobudur temple.

What is Kawah Putih?

Kawah means Crater and Putih means White in Bahasa Indonesia.

Kawah Putih itself, is some kind of a sulfuric crater, on the peak of Mount Patuha.

West Indonesia

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