If you have never heard about Raja Ampat you are in the same boat as I was. As soon as I had however, I knew I had to go there. Raja Ampat has the most bio-diverse dive site in the world and is a collection of incredible, remote paradise islands.  
There are just so many things that make Gorontalo perfect for holiday, the beauty of its nature, the culture and not forget to mention, the friendly people.
Karimunjawa is located in the middle of Java Sea about 90km off the coast of Semarang. It consists of 27 surrounding islands with Karimunjawa Island being the main island.
It's amazing! When I went to Pulau Seribu or also known as the Thousand Islands, we did some island hopping. We fed the fish on the sea with crumbs and look what happened?

It is my privilege to tell you a brief story on my journey to Sulawesi, Indonesia. This was my first time and I hope not my last time to explore the beauty and mystical island of Sulawesi.

Last July, I went to Karimun Jawa Island with several friends. Karimun Jawa island is a small island in north Java.

This island is still isolated and many Indonesians themselves do not know much about this recreational spot. 

North Indonesia

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