New Delhi is a metropolis and is becoming a main hub for international travelers and local people as well. Here in the north of the country, a lot of the culture and experience differs from the rest of India, and New Delhi is also very close to the iconic Taj Mahal.
Choosing a destination for your honeymoon is no easy feat... not in terms of choosing the destination, but also from a budget point of view.  
Located behind the Humayun's Tomb Complex (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) the name of this monument, Nila Gumbad (The Blue Dome) is due to the blue coloured tiles which adorn its dome. This monument was constructed around the year 1626 A.D by Abdul Rahim Khan (during the Mughal period).
The Mausoleum of Ghiyath ud din Tughluq (1325 AD) The founder of the Tughluq dynasty in India, the slanting walls of this mausoleum made of red sandstone encapsulate the tombs of Ghiyath ud din Tughluq and his son Muhammad bin Tughluq.  

India, the land of mysteries, is preferred by many tourists looking for a peaceful vacation. Had it not been for the convenience of air travel, exploring this nation can take you months.

I was introduced to Delhi by William Dalrymple’s “City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi.”

New Delhi

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