Planning your holiday in Macau is the treat for everyone in your family. Irrespective of the age, Macau has something for everyone. It is also known as the city of duality. From famous temples to popular casinos, this place has all.
Stone Forest of Shilin, China - a 400 square kilometers of limestone formations resembling great stalagmites cutting through the earth's crust like some ancient, or even extra terrestrial, buildi
Xingping, China (near Yangshuo) is a very special place that Rachel and I have been trying to get to for a very long time.   We finally made it there earlier this year.  
Puyi Village like so many other small villages in rural China could easily be mistaken for a ghost town. 

Most people only visit Kunming, China, to see the fabulous Stone Forest and the 28 different ethnic groups with their colourful costumes, folk dances, and local dishes.

South China

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