Suzhou was a medieval jewel city (metaphorically, not in the mining sense) that expanded into a major industrial center of the 21st century. 
I had a chance to go to the northern part of China, and have an adventurous trip there. The marvelous and great sights really gave me a positive shock!  
Pingyao, in Shanxi Provence is the place to go for your 'authentic' shot of Chinese culture and tradition.
Dazhushan Mountain is a garden of unique plants as well. On the east of the mountain lies a valley where wild azaleas, white jasmines, Tangli, wild roses and lotuses thrive. In April, the valley becomes a beautitful spot of colours.
Jiankou - The Loose Part of the Great Wall of China
In 2011, I took a trip to Beijing and, of course, wanted to see the Great Wall.

East China

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