The commercial hub of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, has grown from a humble fishing village in the 1900’s into one of Africa’s largest and most notable cities.
Train travel may not be the revolutionary mode of transport that it used to be, but it offers tourists a unique way of traveling not experienced by those who rent a car or book a plane ticket.
The mausoleum, or most commonly known as Le Tombeau de la Chrétienne is the tomb where the daughter of Cleopatra, Cleopatra Selene II, and her husband, Kind Berber Juba II, are burried.
Storm at Namib desert
The Namib desert is one of the driest places on Earth. But it doesn't mean, there is no water at all. Rain comes a few times a year. I was lucky just one time in March and it was an awesome experience.
Video: For That Moment in South Africa
We jump above the rocks, we climb up towards the highest points.
Mauritius: The Island of Incredible Colors
The first color you will never forget again is the blue!

Many people usually travel to international destinations for various reasons including business and pleasure. Are you planning a flight?  Then, you need ideas on how to avoid stress from spending too much on airfare. You have to research on your destination and connecting airlines.

For honeymooners and tourist who are on their tour to Mauritius often search for some of the best shopping streets and destinations to buy some local items and products from top global brands. For them, Mauritius has something to offer to make their dream come true.


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