Africa is one continent that holds its own when it comes to vast panoramic backdrops -  these scenic vistas are perfect locations for anyone on a soul searching mission.

For the majority of the people in the western world, eating insects is welcomed with feelings of aversion and disgust.

The African Elephant is a majestic giant roaming through the white plains of Etosha National Park.

They need water on a daily basis so often you'll find a herd of elephants by the various water holes in the park.

This is a picture of a new form of tourism.

Have time to enjoy the activities by the local cattle keeper in Mbarara.

This is one of the activities that you can do as you visit Rwenjeru Campsite among other sites in the area.


Jebel Toubkal Winter Ascent

As mountain novices we didn't know what we were letting ourselves into when we decided to reach t

My Time in Ghana


We had a great time with Mountain Gorillas in Nkuringo family.


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