While Africa is thousands of miles away from home for many, there's no doubt that it provides the best of what nature has to offer and is more than worth the trip.
Zanzibar could be a tiny cluster of islands within the ocean, twenty five miles from the African coast. The islands are a part of United Republic of Tanzania. I really like each place of the island!
Storm at Namib desert
The Namib desert is one of the driest places on Earth. But it doesn't mean, there is no water at all. Rain comes a few times a year. I was lucky just one time in March and it was an awesome experience.
Beautiful Sunset in Cairo I was not aware that I even captured the pyramids on this shot, placed exactly below the setting sun... 
Video: For That Moment in South Africa
We jump above the rocks, we climb up towards the highest points.
Mauritius: The Island of Incredible Colors
The first color you will never forget again is the blue!

Mauritius is the most beautiful place to holiday as it contains lots of attractive things to explore. Right from the pristine beaches, elegant restaurants, glittering markets, museums boast historical things and many others, make this Island a must see place among travelers.


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