La Pause is a desert paradise for anyone who wants to "rough it" but couldn't possibly survive for 10 minutes without someone accomodating to their every whim.
Stellenbosch has always been a highlight of any trip to South Africa.
At sunrise, on one of our unforgettable mornings at Bulungula, we enjoyed locally made pancakes and coffee to start our day - although the pancakes themselves - having been made on a paraffin burner - weren't that great themselves, the experience is certainly one both my wife and
One of the most thrilling wildlife experiences, which is on so many bucket lists, is an encounter with the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda.
Cotonou in Motion (Africa)
Cotonou in Motion - Visit around Cotonou in  6 days.  
Longing Morocco
Two friends lost in Marocco!

We (a young couple with a few days leave) were warned - by many sceptics - that the roads along the Transkei (Eastern Cape, South Africa) are in bad shape and the livestock like to chill it out on the winding, hilly, uneven roads.

and again I'm heading to... Cape Town, South Africa! Awesome!


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