While Africa is thousands of miles away from home for many, there's no doubt that it provides the best of what nature has to offer and is more than worth the trip.
Zanzibar is comprised of a tiny cluster of islands located twenty five miles off the East African coast. The islands are a part of the United Republic of Tanzania. I really like each and every crevice of this island group!
Jambiani is a small, laid back village on the South East Coast of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean.
This picture was taken at Lake Babati in Tanzania, a little known town in the center of Tanzania between Arusha and Dodoma.

Fresh off leading the 2008 Mt Kilimanjaro Fundraising Trek, which raised over $40,000 for the Africa Children’s fund, Libby Wann sent a riveting email to her family and friends about her life changing experience on the ‘roof-top of Africa’ that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Wir safaren für 20 Tage nach Tanzania. "Safaren"??? Ja!
Safari ist ein Kisuaheli-Wort für "Reise", das wiederum aus dem Arabischen stammt: safar ??? „Reise“. Wir reisen also nach Tanzania u freuen uns auf eine Reise mit hoffentlich vielen neuen Eindrücken...


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