Africa is one continent that holds its own when it comes to vast panoramic backdrops -  these scenic vistas are perfect locations for anyone on a soul searching mission.
One of the first things you notice when waking up on the Chobe River is the fresh smell of the African air. That and the sounds of nature as you give into becoming one with this incredible setting. It is sublime!
Storm at Namib desert
The Namib desert is one of the driest places on Earth. But it doesn't mean, there is no water at all. Rain comes a few times a year. I was lucky just one time in March and it was an awesome experience.
The African Elephant is a majestic giant roaming through the white plains of Etosha National Park. They need water on a daily basis so often you'll find a herd of elephants by the various water holes in the park.
Kayaking With Seals in Namibia
Namibia is a country of contrasts.


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