Ethiopia is one of Wild Frontiers' most popular destinations in Africa, but it is still relatively seldom-visited.
Volunteering essential is an altruistic endeavour where by you as the volunteer help out people by giving out your time as well as your skills towards a common goal. This works well as that is the main purpose of volunteering.
The Hamar are one of the most fascinating tribes living east of the Omo river. The Hamar are cattle herders and practice agriculture. They are famous for their rituals like the bull jumping. The event last 3 days.
With the most UNESCO World Heritages Sites in Africa, Ethiopia is one of the most fascinating destinations when it comes for history, culture, nature and adventure!
Backpacking Ethiopia: From Addis Ababa to Gorgora
From the capital city of Addis Ababa to a small village by Lake Tana...


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