With a total land area of 30,221,532 sq km, Africa is the second largest continent after Asia.

Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the North, both the Suez Canal and the Red Sea to the Northeast, the India Ocean to the Southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to West, Africa is home to 54 countries. Divided almost equally by the Equator, Africa is a vast continent composed largely of rigid platform of ancient rocks that underlies vast plateau regions in the interior.

The largest country in Africa is Sudan with the smallest country being Seychelles.

Home to many exotic large mammals like elephants, giraffes, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, lions, leopards and panthers, Africa is famous for its safari’s and animal conservation. Except for cash crops like cacao and peanuts, agricultural production is low, however rare and precious minerals including much of the world’s diamonds are abundant in Africa.

Tragically misunderstood as a land of poverty, war and famine, Africa is a very diverse continent, with each country having its own unique culture and cuisine. Famous for the ancient wonder of the world, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Africa is also home to the world’s largest contiguous desert, the Sahara.

While also hydrology dominated by the longest river on earth (the Nile River) Africa is one continent themed for exploration and discovery.