For the majority of the people in the western world, eating insects is welcomed
A herd of African Elephants are taking a bath by a waterhole in Etosha National
If you're ever visiting Macau, here is a narrowed down list of the places t
How can we be responsible travelers? Here are a few suggestions...
The city of Barcelona is filled with great spots to sit down, enjoy a great conv
Take a walk down an unknown street every day.
Epic Kauai Time-lapses
A mash up of some epic timelapses taken around the island of Kauai, showcasing t
One method of torture punishment was the "mad chair", in which inmates
Why visiting Ilha Grande is a MUST!
the Hazards, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania
Explore the wonderous and amazing Hazards in Freycinet National Park, Tasmania.
The French Polynesia has some of the best and most beautiful islands in the worl

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